Monday, July 20, 2009

Chinese New Year comes early in cCubeTV

Walking into office today feeling some thing is different in the office .... then, ahhhh..... realized there are Mandarin Oranges in the office. The girls(Jun Hui, Mee Lung & Shin Chyn) used the props from last Saturday shoot to decorate the office. It's very refreshing.

They were the Assistant Producer who assist Elroi on EON Bank Smart Junior Infomercial shoot. One f the scene was that the parent teaching how the kids saving the ang pow money by banking into EON Bank Smart Junior Saving. (Do watch out for the infomercial on ntv7 everyday at 6:58 and 9:58 starting next Monday 27th July 2008)

After I complimented them, they even put up the Chinese Calligraphy after lunch. Can really feel as if Chinese New Year is approaching, even it's 6 months away.

When 3 of them came in a 3 weeks ago, they seems to be shy and timid, and now, look at it, they has transform themselves into creative bunch.

It does really making the office livelier with the Mandarin oranges, but remember to take it out when rotten ya .. if not, eat them all, girls .....

Hmm..... ang pow at the plants .... try to hint, but NO.... no ang pow for the moment till 6 months later ya ....

Mee Lung & Jun Hui, the main culprit... ha ha ha .... thanks girls for refershing the office ...

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