Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where is the fish?

Was listening to Resource Centre on BFM. The guest, Kenneth Yu from Puppet String Marketing talk about use of online marketing and social media.

What caught my attention was when he talk about "where is the fish?". It is the concept of knowing your fish first before your throw your line or net. It's really a fundamental in term of marketing. Many has jump into bandwagon of social media without even knowing their customers and potential customer hang out place, behavior, etc. He said the technology will help you to fish better where you know your fishes are. Not the other way round.

The other thing he talked about is ROI Marketing and not Hope Marketing. Many marketeers put in the money in marketing but do not know the returns, that is Hope Marketing. Hoping the sales will go up. In actual case, you should measure the marketing strategies how much returns you get from it.

Just a short sharing from me - Bob, cCubeTV

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BIG thanks to you!

2009 is certainly an exciting year for us in cCubeTV.

We have grown 240% in turnover, our editor, Bala, won ASTRO Vellithirai's Viewers' Choice Award & we are finally become Media Prima's panel production house!

There are many more achievements not to mentioned.

But most important, we would like just to thanks everyone who one way or another has contributed to the achievement either become our clients, partner, suppliers or just friends who has been encouraging and supporting us.

Also, last but not least, thanks to our CEO, CK Tan, Board of Directors (Tan's Family) & our group, Munchy's for having faith in us!


2010 gonna be even a greater year for us partnering together with all of you!

Pray many more blessing in all of your life & businesses!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Editor, Bala, won ASTRO Short Films Award! Good job Bala!

Scripted, directed and produced by Balachandran, Vasayu has won the ASTRO Vellithirai's Viewers' Choice Award. Congratulation, Bala!

A reason for celebration! Really proud of our colleagues who is able to express their creativity!

Bala is finally in the lime lights! He usually hide inside the dimly lite editing room to do his work!

Wow, RM 4,000! Time to buy us meal, Bala!

Will post up the video soon! So watch out for more from us!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Chinese New Year comes early in cCubeTV

Walking into office today feeling some thing is different in the office .... then, ahhhh..... realized there are Mandarin Oranges in the office. The girls(Jun Hui, Mee Lung & Shin Chyn) used the props from last Saturday shoot to decorate the office. It's very refreshing.

They were the Assistant Producer who assist Elroi on EON Bank Smart Junior Infomercial shoot. One f the scene was that the parent teaching how the kids saving the ang pow money by banking into EON Bank Smart Junior Saving. (Do watch out for the infomercial on ntv7 everyday at 6:58 and 9:58 starting next Monday 27th July 2008)

After I complimented them, they even put up the Chinese Calligraphy after lunch. Can really feel as if Chinese New Year is approaching, even it's 6 months away.

When 3 of them came in a 3 weeks ago, they seems to be shy and timid, and now, look at it, they has transform themselves into creative bunch.

It does really making the office livelier with the Mandarin oranges, but remember to take it out when rotten ya .. if not, eat them all, girls .....

Hmm..... ang pow at the plants .... try to hint, but NO.... no ang pow for the moment till 6 months later ya ....

Mee Lung & Jun Hui, the main culprit... ha ha ha .... thanks girls for refershing the office ...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


08.08.08 is indeed a date to look forward to for many people. Mostly because it is the day the Beijing 2008 Olympics will be launched, and the eyes of the world will be focused on Beijing.

Well, it is also the date our new website,, will be launched. We have been working on the website for many months now, and it just so happens that the website will be going live at the exact same date as the launch of the Olympics.

So I thought why not go head-to-head with that quintuple-ringed entity? Well, it's hard to beat the historic Beijing Olympics, but I think we can look at it from a different angle. As a renowned photographer once said: "Creativity is looking at one thing from different angles."

So if you exercise a little of your creativity, you'll find that we beat the Beijing Olympics in terms of the time of launch. Our launch at 12:00am, the very first second of the auspicious date of 08.08.08, is a good 20 hours ahead of Beijing 2008's opening ceremony. So cCubeTV 1, Beijing Olympics 0.

As for the competition from other aspects, we'll just leave that to history. But one thing's for sure - both events represent significant milestones for us, as cCubeTV and as Asians.

Finally, my prayer for cCubeTV and the Beijing Olympics is that both events will mark the beginning of new chapters, both in our humble company, and in the Asian media industry
in general.

Let's go break some records!