Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where is the fish?

Was listening to Resource Centre on BFM. The guest, Kenneth Yu from Puppet String Marketing talk about use of online marketing and social media.

What caught my attention was when he talk about "where is the fish?". It is the concept of knowing your fish first before your throw your line or net. It's really a fundamental in term of marketing. Many has jump into bandwagon of social media without even knowing their customers and potential customer hang out place, behavior, etc. He said the technology will help you to fish better where you know your fishes are. Not the other way round.

The other thing he talked about is ROI Marketing and not Hope Marketing. Many marketeers put in the money in marketing but do not know the returns, that is Hope Marketing. Hoping the sales will go up. In actual case, you should measure the marketing strategies how much returns you get from it.

Just a short sharing from me - Bob, cCubeTV